The Weirding Storm: Reviews


‘A wondrously stark universe comes to life’

Thomas Davis has taken a literary form that goes all the way back to the great sagas of antiquity’s oral literature, and fashioned a contemporary tale that will enthral both adults and their children. Davis has heard the song/Dredged from the ancient dragon memories and given us a story-poem that is part Beowulf and part Game of Thrones. Filled with witches, dragons, warriors, battles a wondrously stark universe comes to life in The Weirding Storm.

Terence Winch, winner of the American Book Award and author of fifteen books of poetry and prose.

‘Vivid and often stunning language’

In his epic poem, The Weirding Storm: A Dragon Epic, Thomas Davis discovers vivid and often stunning language to explore both ancient worlds and our present world with its ongoing cycles of death and resurgence, war and peace. Here you will find language and story that mesmerize the reader, that transport one to places where words and stories are born. This epic poem serves as a bridge between realms: substance and spirit, beast and human, reality and dream, none of which are separate in any moment of life.

James Janko, winner Association of Writers and Writing Programs Prize for the Novel; author of Clubhouse Thief and Buffalo Boy and Geronimo.

‘Fantastical creatures and dramatic scenes’

Thomas Davis pays homage to the most hallowed traditions of poetry: this is storytelling, with heroes who are at once both vulnerable and courageous, with fantastical creatures and dramatic scenes, told (for the love of language) in the discipline of blank verse.

John Looker, author of The Human Hive

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