Song of Paper: Reviews




‘A truly great but little known American poet’

This book published two years after Cynthia Jobin’s death, gives us one more treasure trove of her brilliant poems. Her first book, A Certain Age, sold out and those of us who longed for more are delighted to see this volume become available.

Her poems are exquisitely crafted pieces about topics that matter most – the real stuff of lie, gazed at in depth.

Julie M, five-star review on Amazon

‘Best book of poems I’ve ever purchased’

If you love Edna St. Millay, you’ll go crazy for Jobin. She was the Millay of the 21st century. I will always keep this book. I absolutely adore her work.

Ginene P. Nagel, five-star review on Amazon.

‘Very moving poetry’

Love the book, very moving poetry I’ll read over and over again!

‘Amazon customer’, five-star review on Amazon