Peter Bowes

‘From poetic to poignant to hilarious …’


Between Bondi and Byron Bay, Pete crossed tracks with a rogues’ gallery – surfers, itinerants, brawlers, the lost – all of them lovingly hand-painted by Pete’s pen.

Sean Doherty, author of MP the Life of Michael Peterson published by HarperCollins 

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The Weirding Storm: A Dragon Epic
Thomas Davis

‘Fantastical creatures and dramatic scenes’

Weirding jpg

Thomas Davis pays homage to the most hallowed traditions of poetry: this is storytelling, with heroes who are at once both vulnerable and courageous, with fantastical creatures and dramatic scenes, told (for the love of language) in the discipline of blank verse.

John Looker, author of The Human Hive 

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Song of Paper
Cynthia Jobin

‘A truly great but little known American poet’

CJ social media

This book published two years after Cynthia Jobin’s death, gives us one more treasure trove of her brilliant poems. Her first book A Certain Age sold out and those of us who longed for moreare delighted to see this volume become available.

Julie M, five-star review on Amazon.

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The Human Hive
John Looker

‘Elegant and exquisite’


The individual poems come together under the one theme of work, enriching and supporting each other in a way that reads like one very moving human story. As a previous reviewer remarked, once you start reading you can’t put it down. Though the title of this collection may suggest humans as drones in a narrow enclosed environment, the poems themselves open out beautifully to a vast world over time and space. They are elegant and exquisite. The long capstone poem, ‘Night Shift’, is in itself a masterpiece.

Cynthia Jobin, five-star review on Amazon.

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Dancing in the Rain
Chris Moran

‘A very fine poet’


Chris Moran is a very fine poet; her work is full of feeling without ever tipping over into sentimentality and her hard won philosophy shines through every line. This collection captures her at her best; she can be playful, is always intelligent, and has an ability to use simple language which builds into subtle and beautiful poems, finding, in her own words, ‘something extraordinary in these ordinary things’.

James Nash, author of Some Things Matter: 63 Sonnets published by Valley Press.

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Rock and Lodestone
Glenda Kerney Brown

‘A book I will treasure always’


Glenda Kerney Brown is a brave woman with a unique voice. Her poetry moves in a special way and evokes a feel of many ages. In this world, yet written in another dimension and coming from a soul that has experienced so much. This is a book that I will treasure always. Thank you.

Jane Sturgeon, five-star review on Amazon.

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