Poetic Licence

chriscoverDancing in the Rain

Chris Moran found poetry and poetry found her.

She recovered from alcoholism only to be faced with a long-delayed diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, experiences documented in her first volume of poetry with honesty, humility and humour.

She doesn’t deny the sadness in life, and acknowledges with a clear eye the despair that can sometimes take us unawares, but she is always pulled towards joy, and gently takes the reader with her. 

She is also a bold experimenter, and here we find a sonnet about bees, a villanelle about approaching spring (the poet’s favourite time of  year), and haiku about her unborn grandchildren:

Tiny seed planted
germination soon in place
fruit of the autumn.

A lifetime’s memories fill these pages too, from her rebellious youth in Reprieve to the tender, love-filled, and intensely moving recollection in One-Way Ticket of finding her mother ‘strolling down the street’, frail and confused, the contents of her bag ‘stoically protecting her past’:

bright red lipstick, barely worn,
as garish as she never was,
and Yardley 4711 eau de cologne
with its little red rubber stopper,
to be dabbed sparingly, of course,
middle finger only.
Oh, and a piece of coal should she come
across someone about to take an exam.
My daughter was in the legal profession,
she told the stranger.
I was a secretary, mum.
Same thing, she said.

Chris has already built up a large and loyal following on her poetry blog. Bennison Books is proud to publish Dancing in the Rain and hopes it will introduce many more readers to her work. Dancing in the Rain is available for Kindle and in paperback from Amazon.com and Amazon UK. The author’s profits will go to the Multiple Sclerosis  Trust.


The cover artwork is by Diane M Denton, author of A House Near Luccoli and its sequel To A Strange Somewhere Fled. Diane also wrote the introduction to Dancing in the Rain.

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