Poetic Licence

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Rock and Lodestone by Glenda Kerney Brown is available across Amazon including from Amazon UK and Amazon.com.

The following is taken from the introduction written by the poet James Nash whose books are published by Valley Press and whose work has also appeared in many anthologies:

With these endlessly inventive and marvellous poems Glenda Kerney Brown explores the things that she values, the things that she cleaves to, and the underlying tragedy of our human experience, which is that we inevitably lose (or are lost to) the things we love. Art has the power to hold back and make sense of this tide of loss, and with an artist’s palette Glenda commemorates the past, celebrates the present and contemplates the future in honest and beautiful poetry.

None of these poems are long (I would argue that they are all of exactly the right length) but they each contain a world of imagery, wisdom and experience out of proportion to their size on the page. Glenda looks at her family, her animals, landscape and nature, and, in language that is suffused with a vibrant intelligence, illuminates them all to us.

All profits are going to the MS Trust.

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