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Who were the great ghost story writers? Why did so many leading literary figures attempt the genre with varying degrees of success? Who were the female ghost story writers, many now unjustly neglected, who made such a huge contribution to the genre?

Between 1820 and 1950, a period known today as the golden age of British ghost fiction, the traditional ghostly tale was adopted as a mainstream literary form by many of the foremost writers of the era, reaching a level of mastery that many believe remains unmatched to this day.

That a number of leading literary figures took the genre seriously and were keen to grapple with and master the form is testament to the challenges it posed and how fiendishly difficult it is to write successful ghost fiction. Newcomers to the genre may be pleasantly surprised by the skill, subtlety and psychological insight displayed by the master ghost story writers. The finest examples transcend the genre and take their place among the best of our classic literature.

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