Dancing in the Rain: Reviews

ChriscoverfullsieDancing in the Rain by Chris Moran has received fantastic reviews. Bennison Books is proud to publish this collection and hopes it will introduce many more readers to her work and poetry blog. Dancing in the Rain is available in paperback from Amazon.com and Amazon UK. The author’s profits are going to the Multiple Sclerosis  Trust.

The cover artwork is by Diane M Denton, author of A House Near Luccoli and its sequel To A Strange Somewhere Fled. Diane also wrote the introduction to Dancing in the Rain.

‘A very fine poet’

Chris Moran is a very fine poet; her work is full of feeling without ever tipping over into sentimentality and her hard won philosophy shines through every line. This collection captures her at her best; she can be playful, is always intelligent, and has an ability to use simple language which builds into subtle and beautiful poems, finding, in her own words, ‘something extraordinary in these ordinary things’.

Five-star review from J.M. Nash on Amazon. James is a published poet and writer.

‘In a class of her own’

Christine has been to life’s sharp cliff edge several times in her lifetime. Her ability to draw her audience into the situation and the feelings it evoked is heartfelt. As a writer and poet she is in a class of her own. There is a recognition of humanity in her words that move to tears and understanding in equal measure. Her grit and loving humour shine through and this book is a welcome addition to my collection, Thank you Christine.

Five-star review from Jane Thorne on Amazon.

‘Honesty, compassion and constant curiosity’

I have followed Chris Moran’s blog, “Journey Into Poetry” for some time and marvelled at her honesty, compassion, and constant curiosity to learn what all this “poetry stuff” is about. Dancing In The Rain is truly the story of a journey —from apprehension, to puzzlement, to command. From free verse to villanelle to sonnet, it is a lovely collection well worth reading and savouring — for the love of flowers, bees, trees, pets, parents, and grandchildren, as well as the difficult road from despair to wisdom.

Five-star review from Cynthia Jobin on Amazon.

‘A wonderful collection’

Christine Moran has written a wonderful collection of poems about her life and how she is dealing with everyday problems. In a few words she makes us see how she changed from trying to write a few years ago into a true poet. Dancing in the Rain is worth every moment you will read it!

Five-star review from Ina on Amazon.

‘Exceptional poetry’

Exceptional poetry writing from a poet who explores all aspects of life with a precise and balanced use of words and cadence.It is a must read for anyone serious about poetry and is a welcomed addition to my collection. 

Five star review from David Alexander McCalden on Amazon.

‘Fresh and vivid’

This is a collection of fresh and vivid poems. They reflect openly on one person’s life and therefore embrace ups and downs, joys and trials. There is humour; there is regret and compassion. There is delight in the world and courage facing adversity. I’m sure that there will be many readers and that they will hear the writer speaking to them directly.

Five-star review from John Looker on Amazon. John’s first volume of poetry, The Human Hive, is published by Bennison Books.

‘Honest, witty and compassionate’

I have had the pleasure of following and getting to know this author through the blogging world. She is honest, witty and compassionate and her book, “Dancing in the Rain” contains the same qualities. Her poetry tells of a journey unsought and her words will make you smile or tear up. This book and it’s story is one that is relatable to many circumstances we are all living in. I’m sure her writing will resonate with each reader even though the road traveled may be different. Chris Moran is a lovely soul and you won’t want to put her book down. You’ll be enticed by her honesty and her writing ability to be free with her words or to be formal in format. You’ll want to continue turning pages to the end. And even then, you’ll be sad you finished! “Dancing in the Rain” is a must for everyone!

Five-star review from Lauren Scott on Amazon.

Chris Moran


  1. […] Chris Moran is such a wonderful and talented poet. I met her here in the blogging world some years ago. And I am sure that there are readers among you, who are familiar with her poetry as well. This and more beautiful poems you will find in her book “Dancing in the Rain” , published by Bennison Book […]

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