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News from Bennison Books

Bennison Books has received some truly outstanding poems for our charity anthology in aid of The Book Bus. This has become a very exciting project and work on final selection, design and layout will begin in the New Year. The title of the anthology will be Indra’s Net. The idea came from the highly accomplished poet Cynthia Jobin.  It was with huge sadness that we heard the news of Cynthia’s death earlier this month and Bennison Books will be honoured to include examples of her widely admired poetry in the anthology. The title Indra’s Net is particularly appropriate because many of the poets to be included in the collection have shared their work and been discovered by their readers worldwide via the Internet. As Cynthia explained: “When I think of a web or a net I also think of Indra’s net. Indra’s net is a metaphor for universal interconnectedness. It’s as old as ancient Sanskrit and as ‘today’ as speculative scientific cosmology . . . it’s what came to mind when thinking about nets and webs and interconnectedness. Oh, and jewels, and poems . . .” All proceeds …

The Human Hive: now available for Kindle

  John Looker’s poetry collection, The Human Hive, recently published by Bennison Books, is now available for Kindle. The theme of the collection is our humanity, seen through the lens of human work in all its forms. One of the most intriguing sections is the author’s exploration of the ‘states of mind’ that we can all experience through work. These are portrayed via a range of very different individuals, from an ambassador and caretaker to a clown and ploughman.