Indra’s Net: all profits to The Book Bus charity

Love reading poetry? Want to support a fantastic charity? All profits from this international anthology of poetry published by Bennison Books will go to The Book Bus. 

This amazing charity  aims to improve child literacy rates in Africa, Asia and South America by providing children with books and the inspiration to read them. Available from Amazon: (UK) (US)

Worldwide contributions

Published and previously unpublished poets from around the world have contributed to this anthology including the award-winning Carol Rumens, who also wrote the foreword.


In total, the work of about 40 poets from a number of different countries worldwide is featured in this anthology. They include the Forward Prize finalist, Beverley Bie Brahic; the inaugural winner of the John Knight Memorial Poetry Manuscript Prize, Vanessa Kirkpatrick; and winner of the Seamus Heaney Centre Prize, Katharine Towers, who was also shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award.

The poets have donated their poetry free of charge so that all profits will go to The Book Bus. View royalty payments made to The Book Bus.


The following is an extract from Carol Rumens’ foreword:

The title of this anthology, Indra’s Net, was suggested by one of its poets, the late Cynthia Jobin. She explained: “Indra’s net is a metaphor for universal interconnectedness. It’s as old as ancient Sanskrit and as ‘today’ as speculative scientific cosmology. It’s what came to mind when thinking about nets and webs and interconnectedness … and jewels and poems.”

There are many ways in which the metaphor suits the anthology. It’s a book filled with poetic gems, of course, the work of a happy mixture of new and well-known writers, including prizewinning poets like Beverley Bie Brahic and Katharine Towers. The poems connect: poems always do. The poets may have shared their work and reached their global readership via the Internet. And then there’s the most important net of all, described by Wallace Stevens as “The magnificent cause of being,/ The imagination, the one reality/ In this imagined world …”

Readers will enjoy this varied and accessible anthology, and have the added satisfaction of knowing their purchase is helping to hand on the pleasure and power of language. They will have added another small jewel to Indra’s net.


  1. How exciting – I’m ordering copies today. I like the fact that it showcases poems from current writers all around the English speaking world, so it should give a good insight into where poetry is going right now. And at the same time it supports a worthy charity. Well done Bennison Books for this brilliant idea.

  2. Reblogged this on Poetry from John Looker and commented:
    I love this project! With poems from all over the English speaking world it is surely going to give an insight into where poetry is going right now. There are some big name contemporary poets in it I see, as well as contributions from up and coming poets and WordPress writers like me.

  3. I just ordered several copies of Indra’s Net. I cannot express how much I appreciate Deborah Bennison as both and editor and a publisher. There are simply some wonderful poetry in the advanced pdf copy of the book I received. The fact that these poets are drawn from a number of countries to support Book Bus is also admirable. I hope this book sells really, really well.

  4. Congratulations! I know how much commitment, hard work and excellence you put into Indra’s Net, Deborah, with the view of giving many poets a platform and for such a wonderful cause. Thank you for allowing me a place in it. I’ve ordered my copy! XO

  5. Reblogged on Grandy’s Landing and commented:

    My partner Maureen Weldon and I are both very proud to be included in this wonderful anthology, knowing the proceeds will be going to ‘The Book Bus’ charity promoting child literacy in the Third World.

    And what a good feeling the title ‘Indra’s Net’ will always give me as it was suggested by the amazing American poet Cynthia Jobin, one its contributors, who was such a generous commenter on my blog Grandy’s Landing before passing away in December 2016.

    Maureen and I have now ordered our copies.

  6. Thank you so much. It was a real honour and privilege that Cynthia wanted to contribute some of her stunning poetry to the anthology. And, of course, the idea for the title came from her too.

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