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577888ss_513803101991440_542957652_nBennison Books has received some truly outstanding poems for our charity anthology in aid of The Book Bus. This has become a very exciting project and work on final selection, design and layout will begin in the New Year.

12378266f1d878abaac3bf95a651444bThe title of the anthology will be Indra’s Net. The idea came from the highly accomplished poet Cynthia Jobin. 

It was with huge sadness that we heard the news of Cynthia’s death earlier this month and Bennison Books will be honoured to include examples of her widely admired poetry in the anthology.

The title Indra’s Net is particularly appropriate because many of the poets to be included in the collection have shared their work and been discovered by their readers worldwide via the Internet. As Cynthia explained: “When I think of a web or a net I also think of Indra’s net. Indra’s net is a metaphor for universal interconnectedness. It’s as old as ancient Sanskrit and as ‘today’ as speculative scientific cosmology . . . it’s what came to mind when thinking about nets and webs and interconnectedness. Oh, and jewels, and poems . . .”

All proceeds from the anthology will be donated to The Book Bus which aims to improve child literacy rates in Africa, Asia and South America by providing children with books and the inspiration to read them.

Out now: The Bookmaker from Rabaul by Peter Bowes

An unidentified body, international espionage and a doomed love affair.

Bookmaker - Cover for webThis is a fictionalised account of the Somerton Man case. An enduring Australian mystery that began in December 1948 when a body was discovered on Somerton Beach: a man, overdressed for hot weather and no clue as to his identity. Who was he? How and why did he die? Did the Somerton Man get out of his depth in a world of espionage and dark deeds beyond his control or comprehension? And what about Jessica – the woman he loved and whose life he changed forever.

This vividly imagined and meticulously researched account offers a gripping fictional interpretation of a true-life mystery that remains unsolved to this day. A detailed afterword describes the people and events that inspired this book.

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Peter is the author of Bloodlines and Lineage