Selling books with Al by Peter Bowes

‘G’day, Al,’ sez I, ‘did the ladies at the shop tell you about the books?’

Al looked undecided.

cafe2We have a little Japanese cafe up the road, country style, and when I was walking in for the usual halloumi breakfast roll this morning, Al walked out – he’s a city lad who vanished from somewhere to up here a couple of years ago.

‘G’day, Al,’ sez I, ‘did the ladies at the shop tell you about the books?’

Al looked undecided.

‘I’ve had a couple published, thought you might like to stick them up on a shelf in your shop.’

Al runs the general store and post office at Federal – where everybody comes by.

‘OK,’ he says.

‘How do you want to do it?’

‘I’ll buy a couple of each. See how they go. What are they about?’

‘Well,’ says I, ‘there’s a few stories about up here, Federal yarns, most of them told over booze or marijuana, but I left you out of them.’

Al laughs, Al knows.

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Peter Bowes
Peter Bowes


  1. Should be good! I’ve put a copy in my Amazon basket — I’ll complete the order in a day or two when I’ve chosen something else to make up to free delivery.

  2. There’s a fellow up here who looks just like you JL, just a little untidier, I’ll give him a tap on the shoulder next time he comes down and ask him if he’s a Looker. That should get a result.

  3. I went by Al’s today for a slab of beer and some cigarette papers. Both my books are still on his counter-top down the back of the shop, in amongst the bus routes and books of nursery rhymes – slowly curling at the edges, dusty after five days.
    Al is a shy man and speaks softly. He says he rarely reads, but likes short stories. Then he looked at me, and asked how old I was.
    71, next month … !
    A little shake of his head, a shy sort of smile. No, he says.
    Not all of it is true, says I, and I’m glad you like it.
    Thanks JL, appreciated.

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