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The Human Hive: a success story!

Huge congratulations to John Looker, whose poetry collection, The Human Hive, has been accepted against stiff competition into The Poetry Library’s collection. A wonderful achievement!

Hundreds of poetry books are received by The Poetry Library every week to consider for inclusion in its collection and so John has done incredibly well to stand out from the crowd in this way. We’re very proud.

Royal Festival Hall

Royal Festival Hall

The Poetry Library, based in the Royal Festival Hall, London, is the most comprehensive and accessible collection of poetry from 1912 onwards in Britain and the country’s major library for modern and contemporary poetry. It is funded by the Arts Council England.

Part of the letter of acceptance sent to John reads:

On this occasion, we have decided that we would like to take this book and add it to the collection.

Thank you for bringing this new material to our attention. It helps us to ensure that we keep track of new developments and publications, as well as offer people who use the library an up to date idea of contemporary poetry and criticism.

Well done John! We’re thrilled.


The Human Hive is available in paperback and for Kindle at Amazon UK and Amazon.com, as well as:
Amazon Germany
Amazon France
Amazon Italy
Amazon Spain


  1. This is equally a success for Bennison Books: without your initiative and close support The Human Hive would never have been published at all, still less have come so far. Many, many thanks.

  2. annajanemark says

    Wonderful, the poetry and the achievement, both. Well done, John Looker : )

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