The Human Hive by John Looker


Bennison Books is proud to publish The Human Hive by John Looker, a brilliant writer of highly original poetry.

We are invited to share an epic journey with him through time and across continents – and what a journey it is!

Spanning the globe
With economy and intelligence, he spans the globe and navigates our common history over millennia. Here we meet our ancient ancestors as they conjure with possibility; a humble vegetable grower rebelling against the tyranny of straight rows; and a dancer longing for a break and recognition at last. We are taken inside the confines of a submarine; join a businesswoman locked outside on a hotel balcony; and witness a high-profile ambassador’s very public fall from grace.

John708e06074a0c78d6104be4f812ee16cbAccomplished poet
This is exquisitely wrought poetry documenting an extraordinary journey – from the timeless sweep of The Silk Road and the ‘lost Milky Way’ to a single tear in the eye of a 1950s housewife. John Looker is a gifted and accomplished poet and we could not ask for a better travelling companion.

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  1. Reblogged this on The poetry:prose/prose:poetry converter and commented:
    Many, many thanks to Bennison Books whose patience and encouragement have been remarkable. The book is the product of two years’ drafting.
    Over half the contents are new and even those poems that have appeared on my blog are, at last, given the place planned for them in the overall framework.
    Incidentally, thanks also to Terry Ownby, professional photographer, for the cover illustration.

  2. My thanks again too, Terry. Your picture really captured a sense of the sublime — the sweep of sky and the Earth — and then the down-to-earth workman-like presence of we humans in the midst of it. I hope the poems live up to that.

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